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Package For 25-35 years Heart diseases are mainly because of today's unhealthy choices in our lifestyle. So it’s crucial to make healthy changes in our life style and manage risk factors of heart diseases. But how you get to know that which one you have? This package helps to screen if you have any issues about heart diseases and give professional advice and counseling for a healthy and happy life. This package cover these tests: Doctor's Counselling Infection Marker:Haemogram, ESR Urine Routine, Urine Micro Diabetes Marker: Fasting sugar, PP - Sugar Kidney Function: Blood Urea,Serum Creatinine Liver Function: S.Bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT Vitamin Check: Vitamin B12 Thyriod Check: TSH Heart Status Indicator: Lipid Profile, Che

2017-12-14 00:28:10