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The 2012 Champions League final will be held at the Fussball Arena München in Germany. Venue: Fussball Arena München in Germany Time: 19:00 Date: May 19, 2012. Listing Start Date: 26-04-2012 Listing end date: 18-05-2012 Closing time 12pm. Tickets in Hand and ready to be sent Delivery Method : Ups,Royal Mail and FedEx International. All Orders are Guaranteed and All prices include VAT. Tickets to the general public are available in the below price categories : Price category 1 (centrally positioned) ----------------------- £850 GBP Price category 2 (mainly in the corners of all tiers)----------- £650 GBP Price category 3 (mainly in the upper tiers in the corner)---- £580 GBP Price category 4 (behind the goal of t

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