Close Control Unit. CCU. Precision Air Conditioner



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Close control Unit (CCU) also commonly known as Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or Precision Air Conditioner (PAC) use for precise control of Temperature along with Humidity in Server room, Datacenter, Laboratory and various Industrial applications. Our Closed Control Unit (CCU Or CRAC) has following features: 1) 5kW to 60kW nominal cooling capacity. 2) Up flow and down flow configuration. 3) Modular construction & Low Noise. 4) Advanced controls technology. 5) Tandem scroll compressors. 6) Option of Air & Chilled water. 7) Small footprint. 8) Low noise condenser fan (optional) 9) Optimized evaporator. Different name for close control units are server room air conditioning, server room ac, server room, data center cooling,

2019-08-07 07:11:08